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The inverter compressor adjusts its speed based on the cooling demand of the refrigerator. When the temperature inside the refrigerator rises, the compressor speeds up to cool the interior more quickly. Once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor slows down or even stops, reducing energy consumption.

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There are several advantages to inverter technology refrigerators:

  • Energy efficiency: Inverter technology allows the compressor to operate at different speeds, matching the cooling needs more precisely. This results in reduced energy consumption compared to traditional refrigerators.
  • Temperature stability: The variable speed compressor in inverter refrigerators can maintain a more stable temperature inside the fridge. It minimizes temperature fluctuations, which is beneficial for keeping food fresher for longer periods.
  • Quieter operation: Inverter compressors typically produce less noise compared to fixed-speed compressors. The variable speed operation helps reduce vibration and noise, resulting in a quieter refrigerator.
  • Longer lifespan: Inverter technology can help prolong the lifespan of the compressor. The gradual start-up and reduced stress on the compressor components can result in less wear and tear, potentially leading to a longer-lasting appliance.
  • Faster cooling: Inverter technology allows the compressor to run at higher speeds when needed, enabling faster cooling of the refrigerator's contents.

The FITBONE® TAA intramedullary lengthening system is intended for limb lengthening of the femur and tibia. With appropriate preoperative planning, it is possible to make axial and torsional corrections as part of limb lengthening.

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Benefits to Surgeon

  • Cutting-edge German engineering.
  • Several thousand devices implanted since 1997.
  • No over-reaming necessary.
  • Accurate and controlled limb lengthening achieved with threefold visual and audible control feedback.
  • There is no interference with magnetic instruments or devices.
  • Accidental retraction is not possible.

Benefits to Patient

  • Comfortable lengthening process facilitated with the small, lightweight and silent Control Set.
  • Reliable feedback from the system throughout the lengthening process.
  • A small, light-weight Control Set.
  • Quick reintegration into daily routines.
  • High treatment comfort.
  • Short hospitalization.
  • Minimal risk of infection.
  • High product safety.
  • Little scarring.

Data documentation from all the PRO-ACTIVE line can be read via USB interface with KIRSCH Datanet software.

You can always download the latest version of the software from here: Kirsch Datanet


The outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared pandemic and in response to the virus's spread, countries around the world are ramping up measures to try to slow it down. In many countries, public life is changing, countries are closing borders and people are asked to stay at home.

Under these very hard circumstances we want to inform you that, all necessary measures are taken by Electramed Ltd to assure business continuity:

- Our suppliers continue to operate at full capacity.

- Our inventory levels, and those of our suppliers, have been increased.

- Customer service and Sales support is available as normal during office hours or on our mobile numbers.

- There are production contingency plans in place with all of our manufacturers.

- Borders are still open for international trade, but as many airlines have grounded their fleet, delays on transit times will arise and are expected.

If you have any further questions please contact us.