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SpaceFlex aims at treating periprosthetic joint infection. It combines the reliability of common joint spacers with the versatility of a custom implant made intraoperatively in less than 15 minutes.

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SpaceFlex Hip is a introduces innovative features in the field of hip spacers, such as titanium inner core for improved resistance.
The bone cement pressurization developed into the molds ensures a smooth contact surface between the final spacer’s femoral head and the acetabular cavity. The semi-transparent molds and insertion channel ensure a visual control of the bone cement injection and allows avoiding cement leakage during injection. The user-friendly instrument kit guides the surgeon in the realisation of the spacer.

SpaceFlex Hip provides 36 different configurations as a result of the wide selection of 3 stem diameters and lengths, and 4 head diameters. The design aims at restoring the patient mobility and is characterized by a CCD of 125° and head offset of 44 mm.

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