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A Dedicated Engineering Design Service. Collaborating with surgeons to develop truly bespoke solutions for complex orthopaedic reconstructions and restoring the eMotion of Motion to the patients.

Confidence in Primary Stability
The defect matching asymmetric shapes, the higher coefficient of friction of Trabecular Titanium (TT), and the amount of TT/bone contact are utilized to enhance the primary stability. Providing a firm mechanical interlock between the implant and surrounding bone.

Longevity through Natural Load Transfer
Engineering the modulus of each solution to provide for Natural Load Transfer. Trabecular titanium has been shown to promote a more physiologic load transfer from implant to the bone while reducing stress shielding and associated bone resorption.

Fully planned Biomechanical Restoration
Using exclusive advanced software to provide reliable anatomic data for the surgeon to design the best bespoke biomechanical restoration for each patient. Providing preoperative and intraoperative options to augment the biomechanical reconstruction; HP glenospheres in the glenoid and dual mobility, face changers, and constrained liners in the acetabulum.

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