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LimaCorporate’s Physica ZUK is an established and clinically proven unicompartmental knee. Its design has remained unchanged since 2005.

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The Physica ZUK Unicompartimental Knee is the world’s number one performing Unicompartmental knee. Since its launch it continues to prove the lowest revision rate for partial knees. The Physica ZUK design makes it suitable for a large number of patients that require a unicompartmental knee replacement surgery.
LimaCorporate’s Physica ZUK includes several enhanced design features. The highly flexible design provides anatomically shaped tibial and femoral components. Physica ZUK features an extended posterior condyle, which accommodates high flexion up to 155°. The round-on-flat articulation allows up to 16° intra operative flexibility. The angled femoral pegs in combination and the fixed liner, with the keel and the two hourglass pegs that stabilize the baseplate, provide mechanical stability. The universal compatibility is provided by a wide range of sizes.

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