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Based on clinical heritage of the SMR System **[1-7]**, SMR Axioma TT Metal Back **[8-9]** breaks new ground in glenoid replacement, combining unique implant design with the advanced Trabecular Titanium structure.
The material, the structure, the mechanical properties, and the enhanced initial fixation, offer greater primary fixation, which favors an improved biological integration of the implants. An additional instrument set has been developed to allow bone graft preparation. The aim is to restore the joint line by filling in glenoid defects.

Glenoid Bone Graft Instrumentation

The step-by-step guided procedure allows orthopedic surgeons to produce different bone graft sizes adapting to each the clinical case. LimaCorporate’s SMR AXIOMA TT Metal Back offers multiple options of bone graft: straight graft (5, 10 or 15mm) or sloped graft (15° or 20°). The Instrumentation is user-friendly and favors the orthopedic surgeons in a reproducible procedure.

smr axioma metal back 1

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