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LimaCorporate’s SMR Stemless Cores are a universal inlay component, designed to provide the optimal solution for a wide range of pathologies.
Real Versatility enables orthopedic surgeons to offer adequate bone sparing solutions to a large patient population according to each individual patient’s needs. The wide range of sizes and humeral head adapters facilitate anatomic reconstruction, helping to restore the original humeral head. SMR Stemless Cores´ geometry respect the morphology of the proximal humeral bone, finding fixation in its strongest parts. The cores have shown a positive effect on bone mass and bone density after component implantation [1,3,4].  The use of LimaCorporate’s patent technology, Trabecular Titanium, in the proximal ring aims to improve stability and tissue ingrowth. The material, the structure, the mechanical properties, and the enhanced initial fixation are the premises for an initial primary fixation followed by the biologic integration of the implants [5-8]. SMR Stemless is based on the successful clinical heritage of the SMR System and is compatible with all its glenoid components.

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