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LimaCorporate and its ProMade Team have been collaborating with surgeons for over 14 years to develop patient specific solutions for complex orthopedic reconstructions, leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing.
LimaCorporate embraced additive manufacturing of Titanium parts at the beginning of EBM printer development. Proprietary manufacturing, cleaning and inspection techniques have been developed to provide the same confidence in the quality for these complex solutions as Lima customers have come to expect over the 75 years of LimaCorporate history.

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The ProMade solutions are driven by the design pillars of: Confidence in Primary Stability, Longevity through Natural Load Transfer, and a Fully planned Biomechanical Restoration. With these design pillars setting the foundation of the solutions developed, the extensive surgeon / engineer collaboration and the associated collaborative intelligence continue to advance solutions. For example, to reduce the associated morbidity related to the dissection for large flanges and screws of “classic triflange” designs the number and sizes of the flanges and number of screws in acetabular solutions have been reduced. In one example, the flanges were reduced in size and and number. The number of screws required were reduced from 13 to 8. In addition, the use of Trabecular Titanium has been expanded to allow more Natural Load Transfer and associated bone health. The same example, going from 7% of total volume to 30% of total volume.

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