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The Smart SPACE platform is a physical and digital environment, a new world populated by surgeons and enabled by technology developed to provide surgeons with pre-operative and intra-operative surgical management supports.
This innovative solution aims at supporting surgeons to deliver the most appropriate patient-specific care and to improve their clinical outcomes, by delivering performance and precision. Smart SPACE can be considered as a Technology Platform, because in the future it will be capable of supporting multiple applications: Shoulder, Hip and Knee. The shoulder planner application is already available in the market.

Smart SPACE Shoulder is composed by:
Virtual 3D Planner: CT-Scan based, the Planner allows surgeons to perform a pre-operative evaluation of the clinical case thanks to the auto-segmentation.
3D Positioners: the patient specific guides allow execution of the pre-operative plan. Two options will be available: Glenoid 3D Positioner and Humerus 3D Positioner.
Cubit-Based Guidance: Cubit allows surgeons to navigate the preparation and positioning of components, thanks to miniaturized sensors, without changing the surgical steps and the set-up of the operating room.

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