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MAGNEZIX® Pins have levels of mechanical stability which far exceed the values of previous bioabsorbable materials (5 x higher compared to PLA/PGA implants). This outstanding stability is a new benchmark for numerous applications in trauma and sports surgery.

syntellix pin

Unique, transformable magnesium alloy

  • The use of MAGNEZIX® implants makes any subsequent implant removal unnecessary, and moreover, it supports the osseous healing process. MAGNEZIX® is bioabsorbable and biocompatible.

Head design

  • The flat designed head of the MAGNEZIX® Pin enables stable reduction of the bone fragment. Prominent protrusion of the implant involving possible damage to proximal structures can thus be avoided, and the pin head can be completely countersunk.
  • In addition, a recess in the pin head improves positioning of the impactor, and the impactor is prevented from slipping off the pin head during impaction.

Axial stabilising shaft design

  • The symmetric collars on the pin shank result in compression of the free bone fragment during impaction of the implant. In addition, the collars increase the axial positioning precision of the implant and thus ensure reduction during the healing process.

Design of the pin tip

  • The tip design of the MAGNEZIX® Pin displaces cancellous bone and thus compresses the implant bed. The pin tip without any collars facilitates positioning of the MAGNEZIX® Pin in the pre-drilled implant bed.

Various sizes

  • These implants are available in many different combinations of different diameters and different lengths.

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