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MAGNEZIX® CBS implants are metallically stable, and similar to systems made of steel or titanium, they are remarkably stronger than conventional polymer implants. However, unlike other metal screws, they do not need to be removed - because they are transformed, promote healing, and are completely replaced by the body's own tissue. These properties bring very clear advantages for doctors and patients.

syntellix cbs

Unique, transformable magnesium alloy

  • The use of MAGNEZIX® implants makes any subsequent implant removal unnecessary, and moreover, it supports the osseous healing process. MAGNEZIX® is bioabsorbable and biocompatible.

Head design

  • The head of the MAGNEZIX® CBS, with a typical cortical screw design, allows for stable repositioning of the bone fragment, with exquisite compression characteristics.

Patented safety drive design

  • The special design of the TORX-based drive protects the implant in the shaft and head area from failure. If the torsional load is too high during the insertion process, a targeted deformation of the screw head drive takes place. As a result, subsequent steps can be continued using a hexagonal screwdriver blade.

Thread design

  • The thread design, which is typical for cortical screws, produces a strong fixation in cortical bone. A dimension-dependent thread pitch supports the controlled compression of bone fragments.

Screw tip

  • The additionally existing chip flutes improve the thread quality and ease the screwing-in. However, a precutting of the thread in cortical bone is required.

Various sizes

  • These implants are available in many different combinations of different diameters and different lengths.

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