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MAGNEZIX® StarFuse® are the first special implants for a strictly defined range of applications made from MAGNEZIX®. They are intended for the fusion of the toe joints (PIP arthrodeses) for surgical correction of so-called hammer or claw toes, which frequently occur in connection with a hallux valgus (bunion), affecting more than 10 million people in Germany.
The implant is metallic, but is degraded and transformed into bone tissue by the body; in addition, it has mechanical properties very similar to those of bone, such as high stability and elasticity. On top, magnesium osteoconductively stimulates bone growth, has an anti-infection effect and is particularly well tolerated.

syntellix starfuse

Unique, transformable magnesium alloy

  • MAGNEZIX® does not leave any foreign material behind in the body, and moreover it supports the osseous healing process. MAGNEZIX® is biocompatible and bioabsorbable.

Patented wing design

  • Two small-sized wings act as a mechanical stop during insertion and following reduction of the more distal phalanx. This innovative design feature ensures stable axial implant positioning.

Star-shaped profile

  • Deep cutting longitudinal flutes guarantee proper rotational stability for optimal fixation.

Blunt ends

  • The blunt end design ensures secure implant position via reducing the risk of axial implant displacement.

Conical design

  • The conical shape of the proximal and distal end allows fast and easy insertion. This design aspect further achieves proper intra-medullar press-fit anchoring.

Various sizes

  • These implants are available in two angles, 0° and 10°, each with three different distal lengths.

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